Followers system of Diablo 3

Recently, I buy Diablo 3 account online for fun. After I know the auction, I occasionally buy Diablo 3 items from it where you can use your gold to buy some Diablo 3 items. Today I find the followers system in Diablo 3. Now I will express some of my understanding of it.


In Diablo 3, becoming a maverick is a good choice, but not secure. Have a brave teammates can reduce your possibility to shreds by the monster, but also will not hinder your game trip. Fortunately, in the shelter world, there are many people willing to take risks, in order to destroy the sanctuary of the world to fight the devil.
“Hordes of demons raging in the shelter of the world, some brave alone a man to fight the forces of the devil, although their courage is unquestioned, but they are also isolated in the dark looking for a ray of hope, because the lone solitary wolves are often obtained only last an inevitable outcome: corpses, rotting, crow’s dinner. ”  In the game you will see three kinds of followers: Templar Wu Shikumake, adept at using long-handled weapon, an unshakable belief in a strict warrior; villain Linden, the use of the crossbow as a weapon, good trick to avoid yourself into crisis; there witch Elena, through the underground forbidden technique to enhance and make your enemies your confusion. These heroes will not be hiding somewhere. Their stories will be with you. You will be with them in the shelter world adventure. Each follower has their own plans and battle the grounds, you will fight side by side with them on the road getting to know their stories. You must complete the rescue of their task, because during the game, you need them to help you get through some of the roads. Even the new game, you need to repeat these tasks, although you can’t always get a new or additional follower.


Followers of them are battle-hardened veteran, and as the battle gradually upgrade their skills. And together they fought, they would also like you’ll gain experience and to provide you with new equipment and change the appearance, you can also choose when they want to upgrade them to learn new skills. There can be only one follower to accompany you, so you need to choose carefully. Although each follower can play with any professional or mix, but they play the same specialty is not the same. At the same time they upgrade and achieve a certain level, you need to choose a suitable for their skill, they will not automatically add points, needs your help. Their technology, equipment, class, character and dialogue, is the system we strive for a long time – but our goal is to ensure that they will not beat you, will not put you left behind, or hide your light in the story. They are your helper. And you are the real brave. They will not die when the depletion of life, they will brief dizziness, and then back again to restore strength to the battle. They will always follow you, if the distance is too far, will be automatically sent to your side. In Diablo 2 where the mercenaries similar, but the followers is the story line has its own special character, they have their own personality, and in this world have their own position. Overall, followers can develop and customize the content more, you can give them equipment, and select a different mix of skills to match your play. Followers is your companion in this world, not just pets. Followers is not the central figure in the story line, they are rich storyline elements. They gave us more about the world of the story, as well as their personalities and backgrounds. Followers are not a major part of the game balance. Them in order to make the single player mode, normal difficulty experience more cooperative and the presence of secondary storyline. So they in multiplayer games and the importance of under difficult will be greatly reduced.


They can be equipped with a variety of props and weapons, including specific types of weapons, shields, rings, necklaces. You can always use better equipment to replace the existing items, so they will be more powerful. When they tore the monster because of you, Kenshi or after killing, please bear in mind them.

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I don’t want it to be cheaper

I don’t want it to be cheaper : it’s fine… But I just want a good bow and not one I can get by doing a skill. And as I said, the supply is low so the price will probably not go that low. I’d really love it if some extra bonusses were added. Are you looking for runescape account? I can recommend a reliable place to you. Might not be entirely possible, but, allow players with non-capitalised names to be scattered regularly through clan chats, instead of piling them all at the bottom, essentially starting a new list of people, all of whose names do not start with a capital letter.


Oh alright then, so you just think that raising the stats would be beneficial because of how hard it is to obtain and compared with other weapons of it’s tier are kind of chosen over it. I’m not even sure if Jagex has raised the stats of anything in the entire game to rebalance something, they generally just release more content. I want runescape accounts for sale, and am looking for places to buy. Or if they have, surely it was within a few weeks of being updated. Nex has been out for over 12 months now! 


For the Gem Bag: Add an option “Fill” that will automatically try, from top left to bottom right, to place all gems from your inventory into the gem bag. For both the Gem & Coal Bag: When in the banking interface, add an option “Bank-Content” that will automatically put all of the bag’s content into the bank (providing bank space, of course). People are looking for runescape accounts sell tips here. For Enchanted head gear with scrolls: Add an “uncharge” option in the banking interface so that if we want to use a different headgear, we don’t need to take it, withdraw it, uncharge it in the general menu, then continue banking.


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Make the inventory screen translucent again, please?

Be able to use the ‘Escape/Esc’ button to close in-game windows. (Similar to using the ‘Space’ button in conversations in-game). Make the inventory screen translucent again, please? It was nice being able to see what’s in that area of my screen before I minimize.


Make better distinction between activated and unactivated special attack bars. I want runescape accounts for sale, and am looking for places to buy. Currently the only thing that changes is the colour of the text. But since today’s update it isn’t very clear anymore to notice the difference. It would be a lot easier to see the difference if the unactivated special attack bar would be more pale/opaque than the activated special attack bar.


Hide click options on other people’s familiars/pets. There is absolutely no use in being able to click and see ‘Interact’ , ‘Store’ or ‘Pick-up’ on familiars that aren’t yours. Since they already won’t do anything when clicked. People are looking for runescape accounts sell tips here. It also increases right-click menus, and often these option appear above certain other items in right-click menus (Like Ordan in Blast Furnace). I don’t know if this has been mentioned or not, but could you please add a cook-all to the various raw-fish that could be cooked in Dungeoneering?


Get rid of the pop-up messages encircling the minimap (i.e. putting your cursor over Prayer or Summoning), or at the very least make these things toggle-able (like mouseover text???). You can trade runescape accounts here, go and have a try. Make “use” the default option for several items changed since the toolbelt update (uncut gems, grindable ingredients, etc). They can retain their new options, obviously, but they don’t need to be the default option.

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The current one seems to be over the top and and pointless

I think i speak for everyone when i say that we would all like the ‘old hitpoint’ system back. The current one seems to be over the top and and pointless. the old hit point system look far better, for a number of reasons. Do you need accounts for sale runescape? Please visit here. You’ll be hearing from me. My suggestion is to add more events at some point to do with the runescape gods.

My next idea is a tweak for the teleports, something like a portal appears behind you or in front of you and yo walk in or get pulled in by hands, I can nderstand that that might be a bit much but still the just jumping up and you’re there kind of makes it dull. Are you looking for runescape account? I can recommend a reliable place to you. can the clan theatre emotes only show up in the emotes interface when you are in the clan theatre, it just gets anoying having to scroll through hundreds of unusible emotes all the time, and it makes finding the right emote take too long.


lso another thing to do with the new toolbelt, can an option to remove tools from the toolbelt be added, otherwise it is imposible to handfish tunas if u dont have the req to catch swordies barehanded. the option to chose the order of the coordinents for the fairy logbook so it does not always take soo much time trying to find the right cordinents to travel with. People are looking for runescape accounts sell tips here. At a busy bank it can be a pain to find your beast of burden among all the others and right-click on it. Add an option to the Summoning tool by the mini-map to open the BoB inventory for storing things. There’s already a very handy Take BoB option.

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Something needs to be done about all the useless items

Something needs to be done about all the useless items needed for certain Uri clues in Treasure Trails. I would get these clues often so I’d store about 20+ different useless items like Bone Spear and Elemental Shield that would clutter my bank. runescape accounts selling guidance, is it helpful? Replacing Uri clues with something more challenging would be my preference, but if not, I’d recommend a new item that we can magically add all the 20+ of junk items to and lug around with us as replacement for Uri clues.


n the Behind The Scenes December Newsletter, I noticed that you would be working on making game improvements in free to play and members, as to reduce the number of clicks made in-game. It would be great if talismans at the Great Orb Project could be bought in noted form, so that people like me, with many tokens, would not have to run back and forth buying and depositing the talismans. People are looking for runescape accounts for sell here. (The talismans only, because the tablets are stackable, and can be purchased in amounts of 50, and the rune/pure essence is bought noted.)

It really is a finger killer, and I see no reason why the *rewards* shouldn’t be able to be bought in noted form. …they are rewards, right? I was beginning to think they were punishments for winning too much! Remove herbs as an option in sorceress garden. There are thousands of bots going for them, and very few legit players have ever used the herbs anyway. I want runescape accounts for sale, and am looking for places to buy. Simple fix – get rid of the herbs. Or add a puzzle-door or something. Either way, fix these bots – it makes summer garden nearly impossible to those who want to use it for thieving.

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The Sawmill is a great way to train WC

The Sawmill is a great way to train WC, if only it was brought up to date like the other interfaces in the game.In the top left box, which tells you your progress with each type of cut, add something which distinguishes the finished ones from the incomplete ones. I want runescape accounts for sale, and am looking for places to buy. When a cut type is full, change the text colour or add a tick next to it.

Add the number of logs in the plank box at the end of the conveyor belt – there’s nothing worse than having a big inventory of logs and the hopper saying “there is already too many blah blah”.  If you remove planks from the cart which you’ve cut too many of, when you add them back to the cart in the next job it takes too long. runescape accounts selling guidance, is it helpful? Make a ‘deposit-all back to cart’ option please! If you are disconnected, you lose all the planks and they AREN’T added back to the box. Make the game keep them in a separate box if it has to, but I don’t want to lose my planks because of a lousy connection.


Allows players to keep lilies year round. Other Runescape flowers don’t wilt so why should the glorious lily.The destroy item text could be modified slightly and nothing else would need to be changed. Diango doesn’t need to store these either. People are looking for runescape accounts for sell here. Just change the destroy option text to warn the player that they can only re obtain lilies once a year while they are blooming.I realize this isn’t really something in demand but the lily of the valley event is a fun little distraction each year and it would add a little bit of fun being able to smell the lily year round.


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I’ve been playing around with the interfaces

At First Glance: Cons- The settings option was very hard to find. The little cog is quite small. Someone already mentioned this, but we need to be able to zoom further out. I zoomed out as far as possible (which was not very much difference) and everything was too close to my character. Look for cheap runescape accounts, who can tell me where to get it. Pros- NICE. Very customizable, I love how literally everything is resizable (minimap included) to suit your needs. 

I love how things like the inventory etc became scrollable so they take up less of the screen space. Pretty cool looking. Now I just wish I had beta access. I’ve been playing around with the interfaces and I like very much what I see. It’s similar to most applications in that you can drag, drop and make new tabs and even hide certain windows. This is a trustable platform to sell rs accounts. The only thing I would like to see if it’s possible is to add a feature that allows interfaces to "snap to" each other.

Unfortunately, that is all I could do. When I login, the screen is black and I cannot move around at all. Best of all, I can view the skills and quest tab and talk at the same time. This makes dungeoneering herblore a lot easier when people ask what they need for a potion. Thanks Mod William, I appreciate that.  People are looking for runescape accounts for sell here. Had another thought. Are we able to make the interfaces transparent so that we can click through them? This would pretty much solve the feeling of the screen being clogged up as well as visibility problems.

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